A bit about me

  • Growing up I had severe acne and wore braces. 

  • The braces gave me a lisp which shone through when I said the letter 's' (imagine trying to say 'yes miss' or 'my name is Tessa Sillifant!' - it was no easy task I can tell you).

  • I grew up on a farm in Cornwall (the South West of England).

  • My favourite animals are penguins and the giant panda!  I also love ladybirds - my blog post explains why!

  • I love bringing ideas to life, whether that is through painting, drawing, telling stories, dancing or writing, it doesn't matter.  For me it is about being able to express myself and celebrate creativity.

  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science (Psychology) which I studied part-time for 8 years whilst working full-time.

  • I also have a Diploma in Professional Coaching and a Master of Teaching (Primary). 

  • I love adrenalin fueled adventures and still have wing walking to cross off my bucket list!

  • I believe in the importance of not letting your past define you; there will always be something that we can learn from it, and while it will play a part in contributing towards shaping us into who we are today, our story doesn't end there.  We are responsible for our actions and we can turn things around for ourselves, sometimes we just need an impartial support person in our corner to help us move forward so that our real, best selves can be put forward.   

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Let me take you on a journey that shares the highs and the lows of travel life.  Starting with the desire to travel, making it happen, to the big life lessons learnt from getting out there and doing it all.  Aimed to entertain and inspire, the book provides practical insights and tips to help anyone who may be thinking of going travelling.  This book is also an easy armchair read for anyone wanting to chuckle and relive their own travel moments by viewing travel life through the lens of another! 

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