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The power lies within you!


From being bullied at school by my peers for my acne and braces, to not doing hugely great at school because I wasn't in the environment or headspace to fully learn.

In my early 20's I worked 80 hours a week to pay the bills and a plane ticket to get me from Cornwall to New Zealand.  Just before I was about to set off on my travels I got glandular fever and then my tour got cancelled! 

When I settled in New Zealand I decided to study a degree in Applied Science (Psychology) and did this part-time for 8 years whilst working full-time.  Trying to put myself out there at work, I froze in front of a large audience because my mind got so overwhelmed that I couldn't introduce myself!  I know, I know, I've had my name my whole life, how hard can it be right? 

Sometimes life's curve balls hit you hard and your self esteem and confidence are knocked and self doubt and fear creeps in. Then add to the mix how hard you can be on yourself for not being "perfect" and you have a recipe for being stuck in a cycle that doesn't serve you well.

Whilst these experiences have helped shape me to who I am today, they do not define me!

Over the years I have learnt a lot of lessons and have had to learn to like myself!  Although there will always be falls I can take, when I started to accept who I was and know what I wanted from life, the landing got a whole lot softer!   

So flipping my pain to my power

  • I immigrated on my own from Cornwall to New Zealand and have been hugely fortunate to have travelled to some pretty darn amazing places around the world.

  • I am a firm believer in the importance of self-care, personal development, being kind to yourself, having boundaries and knowing what works for you!

  • I have empathy and stack loads of emotional intelligence.

  • I have spoken at international conferences (and words actually came out of my mouth!) 

  • I now have a Diploma in Professional Coaching, a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science (Psychology) and a Master's degree in Teaching (Primary).

  • I know my experiences have given me resilience, a wealth of life knowledge and skills, as well as knowledge of who I am and what it is I want from life and I am grateful for the support I've had to help me get to this point!

Do you have goals that you want to achieve but feel you are holding yourself back?

Get in touch, I'd love to help you on your journey.