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Favourite websites

Exploring different interests and engaging with new information is good for personal development as well as their confidence and self-esteem as they make connections, learn and are inspired by possibility. Here are some favourites!

Kids blog

This blog showcases books reviewed by the children themselves along with covering a range of topics from languages, top 10, technology, things to do, Te Reo and Maori culture and reading challenges.


Kids should see this

An award-winning website full of rich video resources covering topics ranging from Science, Technology, Art, Food, Animation and much, much more.  This site aims to spark learning and curiosity in kids. 

National Geographic Kids

A space to find facts about animals, science, history and geography!

Previous copies of the magazine may also be found in your local library. 


This site provides activities on science, cooking and creativity as well as competitions!

Wonderopolis - Where the wonders of the world never cease.

A place to explore, be curious and ask questions at any age as well as discover and wonder!

Teen Ink

Providing a wealth of information on topical subjects from bullying to social issues to adventure stories to memoirs.  This website caters for all by providing opportunities for creative ventures to take place through poetry and song lyrics as well as reviews on TV, movies, books and video games.

Internet tools for distance learning

Broadband Search have a handy selection of online tools suitable for children learning from a distance. From maths to languages there's options to choose from, whatever your age!


Let the magic happen

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