Beauty is around you everywhere you go, sometimes you may have to look really hard to see it whilst other times you can feel lost in awe as your eyes scan beauty everywhere.  A shape in the cloud, the way a flower moves in the breeze, a sunset or a stranger's smile. New experiences are there, waiting to be found; so live in the now, embrace the moment and let your heart and soul come alive as your senses are set free to be guided by their surroundings.  You've only got one chance at life:  LIVE * LOVE * LAUGH

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Let me take you on a journey that shares the highs and the lows of travel life.  Starting with the desire to travel, making it happen, to the big life lessons learnt from getting out there and doing it all.  Aimed to entertain and inspire, the book provides practical insights and tips to help anyone who may be thinking of going travelling.  This book is also an easy armchair read for anyone wanting to chuckle and relive their own travel moments by viewing travel life through the lens of another! 

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