Four Christmas secrets that were fun to keep as a kid.

Number 1

The cute/magical/Christmassy advent calendar that you were kindly given on the 1st day of December no longer has any chocolates left in it, but all the doors still remain unopened! Tee hee!

Number 2

You've set a trap for Santa so that you can meet him when he drops off his sack full of goodies

- marbles positioned carefully by the door

- fishing net stationed at the ready

- whoopy cushion in place as back up

Project Santa is bound to be a success!

Number 3

You've instigated your own Anneka Rice challenge by secretly running around the house trying to find the wrapping paper; because your little peak at the presents neatly nestled under the tree, turned into a massive rip that sticky tape alone couldn't fix! Whoops! Was anyone else this naughty?!

And last but not least...

Number 4

The brussel sprouts that were a mandatory part of Christmas dinner accidentally appear on someone else's plate when they reach over to grab the gravy! Always fun until you realise you're rushing the job and they fly in the air instead of discreetly landing next to the roasties! Sorry dad!

Have a fun and safe Christmas everyone! xx


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