Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Do we all have it in us, to be passionate? To care and feel so deeply about something or someone that your soul comes alive and your senses are heightened. Have you ever felt an intensified feeling which warms your body with excitement or flares your body with rage? Can you remember the last time you felt passionate about something? The feeling where your emotion takes control of you, where there's a fire in your belly, a glint in your eye, and where the words can roll off of your tongue so intensely that people hang on to your every word; not for what you are saying, but for the enthusiasm that trails off your tongue as your words dance to their own song.

Have you ever watched in awe of someone else radiating their passion, a teacher who cares so deeply about the topic that their presence captures your heart, their words capture your mind, and their enthusiasm leaves an imprint deeply etched within you, that you just can't shake it off. Or perhaps a hobby that you can spend hours working on that you get lost in time because you are caught in the moment. Its clutches have captured your attention and have drawn you in so deeply that you don't feel hungry, you don't feel restless, you don't notice anything around you, you're in the zone and are passionately engaged in what your heart has drawn your attention to.

Now turn this around. Have you ever felt lost, lonely, tearful, sad, unworthy or broken? Have you ever experienced pain that made your heart swell with sadness and left an empty hole in you? Have you ever felt so hurt that you no longer feel the pain, you instead feel empty and numb?

Can you experience the intensity of the sadness and pain if there wasn't love and passion there to start with? Do you allow life to hold you back out of fear of experiencing pain and sadness? Or do you embrace each and every opportunity to smile and enjoy what life can bring, the highs the lows and the passionate bits in between?

Do you look around and see things that aren't perfect and want to 'fix' them to make them perfect, or do you look around you and see all of the possibilities that lie in your surroundings? A new item at the supermarket that could turn into your secret ingredient that zings up your recipes that you passionately enjoy cooking. Or a new song you've come across that brings a bit of sparkle to your life that you are able to hit all the high notes in the shower that lights up your eyes each day. Or perhaps a colourful notebook to add to your collection to be able to release the thousand thoughts that cross your mind each day.

Do we have it in us, to be passionate? To fill our day with love, to share the joys of something we care deeply for that can trigger inspiration for those around us. Of course we do. Do we all utilise our passion in the right way? Sadly no.

If you're the kind of person that feels passionately about something which creates the opposite effect of what most people desire, stop yourself for a moment and take time to reflect and ask yourself what do you want to be remembered for? A hot headed raging bear who misdirects their passion with anger which causes pain and suffering to others? Or would you like to be remembered as someone who cares so deeply about their topic that they have a following behind them that creates a positive chain reaction as people are inspired and motivated by your message, your actions or your works of art.

If you don't know what your passion is, don't ask yourself why, ask yourself how. How are you going to find your passion? How are you going to incorporate your passion into your day to make the dark days lighter? How can your passion help others?

We all have a multitude of talents, desires and passions and our actions, behaviours and motivational drivers have the ability to influence those around us. Rather than let others influence how our day turns out, let's be responsible for influencing our own days through embracing our passion projects and setting time aside for us to enjoy them.

Do we all have it in us to be passionate? Yes, yes, YES WE DO!


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